Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paris pt. I

Ofcourse, Paris was awesome! Need I say more?

I'll tell you this: the trip was all about walking, enjoying food, biking, drinking chocolat chaud and a little bit of shopping (no purchases though). Check it out!

 Gaby showing me the Statue of Liberty on the right, ignoring the Eiffel because yeah, we're no tourists

 Just one view on our way to the Sunday market

Parisians walk with their baguettes like the Dutch hold their umbrella

On the market: dried fruits


Ordering some vegetables

Oysters, oui

The obligatory croissant (daily guilty pleasure)

Home and happy

We also visited the West Country Girl Crêperie, where Gaby's friend Yvonne works 

   crêpe au jambon et au fromage

 I only have eyes for you, my caramel crêpe

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  1. I seriously like all the pics :)
    Glad to know u had fuuuun!

    Kusjes dearest!*