Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of the month

You probably ask yourself every day: why does she post all these random images on her blog? Well, they are not random to me. I feel, from the moment I see a pretty picture, the need to share.


So I'm reading about Foucault right now. Took the wrong class, was to lazy to switch to something more easy and now I'm stuck with a bunch of philosophers.
They have their own language you know.
But after three classes I'm starting to learn the
"Where is the station" and "Can I have two coffee" bits of it.

Another class I've been taking within this researchmaster, is called 'Historical Classics'. Which is awesome, because I've been wondering for three years which historians were considered The Classic Ones. Eventually we have to write 10.000 words (which is só much more than my BA thesis - crazy style) about a historian in our specialized field. As you can guess, I chose someone who is well-known for studying the history of Eastern Europe: Maria Todorova. She is Bulgarian and has done some groundbreaking work on the subject. I'm supposed to analyse 'Imagining the Balkans', and reading it is actually fun. You wouldn't imagine, but as soon as I wake up on a sunday morning I grab that book and read (or go out for breakfast, you know me that well already).

And a random, yet pretty picture:

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